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Farmer Kelsey graduated from Virginia Tech with a B.S. in Animal Science (Livestock Production & Business emphasis) in 2013. She has decided to offer educational opportunities at the farm in 2024 to share what she has learned over the years and more importantly hopes to introduce agriculture & its importance to the public, bridge the gap between consumers & their food, and hopefully inspire more future farmers along the way.

The educational opportunities at WFF will not push one method and condemn another method (i.e. pastured poultry vs conventional poultry houses or certified organic vs GMO) but instead teaches specifics about each and encourages folks to be an informed & conscious consumer to make the choice that is right for their family. Contact us to for more information, pricing, or to schedule!

Would like a different topic covered that aligns with classroom studies etc.? Let us know! 

General Farm Tour


Overview of farm animals and discussion of what we raise on our farm and regenerative practices we use. $7/person. 2 years and under free.
"Farm Fun Friday" events coming for homeschool families. Will be certain time window on select Fridays. Subscribe to our emails or follow us on Facebook to receive the latest updates and events!

Poultry Anatomy

Overview of poultry anatomy & basic organ functions. Option for hands-on exploration of tract.

Know Your Food: Path of Poultry from Hatch to Table

Overview of the path of poultry from chicks/poults to being served on the table.

Farm Equipment 101

Overview of equipment on the farm and it's uses. Discussion of the importance of maintenance.

Poultry Processing


Overview of needed equipment/supplies and instructional step-by-step from dispatch to chilling. Option to eviscerate with purchase of their bird.

By appt only or ask about our scheduled classes. $50/person which includes 1 whole chicken to take home. Add additional person for $25 and additional chicken for $25. Hands-on evisceration of take-home chickens. Please bring cooler with ice to ensure proper chilling of take-home chickens.

Poultry Production/Raising Meatbirds 101

Poultry: Overview of brooder options & set-up specifics, chick care, feeding, breeds & grow out times, use of chicken tractors for predator protection & to increase regenerative effects, poultry exemption specifics & pertaining VDACS & FDA regulations, etc.

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